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Grinder for tungsten electrodes

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Technical parameters

Input [V] ~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Electric motor power [W] 60
Grinding angle [°] 10 - 60
Rotational speed [r/min] 5000
Electrode diameter [mm]* 1.6/ 2.0/ 2.4/ 3.0/ 3.2/ 4.0/ 4.8
Grind segment diameter [mm] 90
Vibration level [m/s2] <4
Noise level [dB(A)] <60

*using interchangeable clamping sleeve the diameter can be changed
in the range 1,6 - 4,8mm

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Standard wheelSP147-00-010cena
Diamond wheelSP147-00-011cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 1,6mmSP147-00-116cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 2,0mmSP147-00-120cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 2,4mmSP147-00-124cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 3,2mmSP147-00-132cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 4,0mmSP147-00-140cena
Clamping sleeve for electrode 4,8mmSP147-00-148cena


The D91 grinder enables precise and efficient sharpening of the tungsten electrode tip according to the technological requirements.

Electrodes sharpened with D91 grinder present, among other things, an extended service life and allow easier arc welding. The grinder enables sharpening of electrodes with diameters of 1.6 to 4.8 mm at an angle from 10° to 60°.

Built-in depth checker allows to select the right depth of sharpening and ensures repeatability of the process. Ability to displacement the electrode with regard to the surface of the grinding wheel significantly increases the life of the blade – which results in lower operating costs.

Standard grinder is equipped with a clamping sleeve for electrodes with a diameter of 2.4mm and a basic grinding wheel. It is possible to purchase clamping sleeves for other diameters and diamond wheels.

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