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Air filter AT-1000

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Technical parameters

Accuracy 0.25 μm
Max. pressure 8.5 bar
Max. Flow rate 1250 l/min
Working temperature od -10°C do +60°C
Dimensions Ø132 x 200 mm
Complete filter 1 pc50500cena
Cellulosic filter cartridge 1 pc50505cena
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Fine compressed air filter AT-1000. Designed to remove water, oil and dusts from compressed air. It provides clean, dry and degreased air which is necessary for industrial applications.

This filter should be installed as close as possible to air-powered device. It is recommended to use fine filter AT-1000 together with other teams preparation of compressed air (such as: separator, pressure regulator, pre-filter, air dryer). Filter has on both sides female connectors 1/4", widely used in pneumatics. Robust housing and replaceable filter cartridges.

Examples of use:
- Plasma cutting
- Spray painting
- Pneumatic tools


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