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Type: TRAFIMET® R145 / 145P
        Ergocut® A151 / Autocut® P151

  • Armed plasma torch, ready to work
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Protection against accidental turning on
  • Standard length 6m *

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Technical parameters

Max. cutting current 150A
Duty cycle 60 %
Cooling type air cooled
Working pressure 4.5 - 5.0 bar (70psi)
Min. air flow rate 230 l/min
Arc ignition HF
Post gas flow time 90 sec. (recommended)

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Handheld plasma torch 6m (connection M14x1)06920/LTcena
Handheld plasma torch 6m (connection 1/4")06920/LT-14cena
Handheld plasma torch 6m (central plug)06921/LTcena
Machine plasma torch 6m (connection M14x1)06940cena
Machine plasma torch 6m (connection 1/4")06940-14cena
Machine plasma torch 6m (central plug)06941cena

* possibility of selling plasma torch of any length

SPARTUS® is not a brand-dependent and / or in any way connected with TRAFIMET®. Offered products are produced for SPARTUS® from a different manufacturer's documentation.

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