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Auto darkening welding helmet SPARTUS® Master 230XT with air supply

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Technical parameters

Application Arc welding: MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG
Cartridge size 122 x 125 x 9 mm
Active field of view 100 x 65 mm
Sensors 4
Filter optical class 1/1/1/1
Shading (standby) DIN 4
Variable welding shades (operating) DIN 4 - 8 or DIN 9 - 13
UV/IR protection degree to DIN 16
Light to dark switching time1/30 000 s
Delay control light to dark switching time 0.25 - 0.8s
Powered solar cells, battery
Adjustment knoband switch out-side
Grinding tak
Variable air supply speed control [l/min] Level 1: min. 180; Level 2: min. 220
Operating time [h] Level 1: 10; Level 2: 9
Batery type Standard long life, Li-ion rechargeable
Charging cycle >500
Charging time [h] 2.5
Noise level max. [dB] 60
Indicator light Optical warning amd audible alarm for low power. Clogged filter and reduced air flow
Hose length / Dimensions 900mm including connector / 31mm (inside)
Standards EN 12941:1998 / A1:2003 / A2:2008 TH3P R SL
- active field of view: 100 x 65mm
- filter optical class: 1 / 1 / 1 / 1
Helmet SPARTUS® Master 230XT with air supply080-10-230XTNcena
Helmet SPARTUS® Master 230XT with true color filter and air duct080-10-230XTSN
External polycarbonate shield 125 x 106mm 082-125-106
Internal polycarbonate shield 108 x 68mm 082-108-068

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The SPARTUS® Master 230XT automatic welding helmet is designed to protect the welder's eyes and face from harmful radiation and welding spatters. It is perfect for MIG / MAG, TIG and MMA welding. It also has a grinding option.

The Master 230XT welding helmet includes an automatic filter with the highest optical class 1/1/1/1 and a large field of view of 100x65mm. Fast lens reaction time - 1/30,000s is guaranteed thanks to the use of 4 very sensitive sensors, which is an important factor while welding with low currents.

The external control makes it easy to set the filter parameters during operation without removing the helmet. Thanks to them we can control the level of darkness (DIN 4 -8 / DIN 9-13), sensitivity, delay time and switch the operating mode to grinding.

The SPARTUS® Master 230XT automatic welding helmet is made of durable and lightweight material - it weighs only 480g. The multi-stage adjustment of the headgear allows not only a perfect fit, but also the right distance between the filter and the welder's eyes. The Master 230XTN helmet is a guarantee of comfortable and long work without feeling of tiredness.

SPARTUS® air supply system guarantees clean and dry air for the welder in particularly tough, highly dusty and humid environment. The TH3P high level of respiratory protection system is provided with a set of replaceable filters (main HEPA, pre-filter with active carbon). The whole is protected by a spark shield. The supply air system is offered with adjustable airflow rates: 180 l/min and 220 l/min. Any airflow problems are indicated by a vibration-acoustic alarm system. The breathing hose is connected with the welding helmet's headset. This solution ensures comfort and convenience while moving around at work. A large switch allows convenient control of the device even when wearing welding gloves. The brushless motor guarantees energy-saving and extremely quiet operation. Replaceable lithium-ion battery safeguards continuous operation longer than 10 hrs.

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