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EasyMIG 255


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Technical parameters

Input 3× 400V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Welding current MIG [A] 50 – 250
Duty cycle [%] 60
Output working voltage MIG [V] 16,5 – 24
Wire feeding speed [m/min] 2 – 16
Wire feeder built-in, 4-roll gear
Welding wire spool[kg]/[mm] ≤ 15 / ∅200 / ∅300
Wire diameter ∅ [mm] 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2
2T/4T Control tak
MMA welding mode tak
Welding current MMA [A] 10 – 220
Wire test tak
Change polarity tak
Burn Back tak
Current consumption [A] 11.6(MIG) 12.1(MMA)
Power factor (cosφ) 0,93
Efficiency η [%] 85
Insulation classF
SProtection classIP21
Weight [kg]48
Dimensions [mm]935 × 420 × 720
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SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255 is modern, inverter and professional MIG/MAG welding machine with inert or active gas shielding and MMA coated electrode welding. SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255E is powered by 400V three-phase.

The maximum welding current for SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255 is 250A for MIG/MAG and 220A for MMA. 60% high working cycle ensures stable output parameters during long-term welding work.

Equipped with easy-to-use function panel with the ability to precisely adjust the following MIG/MAG parameters: welding voltage, wire feed speed, 2T/4T operating mode. Additionally, they are equipped with the Burn Back function - adjustment of the free wire release after welding and the ability to change the welding polarity. For the MMA method it is possible to smoothly adjust the welding current. Digital displays allow for precise control of parameters.

The built-in four-roll welding wire feeder ensures stable wire feed when working with a long handle (regardless of the type of welding wire). The durable, compact design makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. It is possible to install technical gas cylinder on the chassis of the machine.

SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255 is compact, designed primarily for the efficient welding of various types of steel structures and work in difficult workshop conditions.

SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255 package:

Device SPARTUS® EasyMIG 255

MIG gun SPARTUS® SPE 250 3m

Electrode holder

Work clamp

Gas hose

User's manual

Package price [EUR]:

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