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CNC SPARTUS Pro HD cutting table

► SPARTUS Pro CUT 2000HD – dimensions: 1000 x 2000 [mm]
► SPARTUS Pro CUT 3000HD – dimensions: 1500 x 3000 [mm]

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Technical parameters

Driving methodServo drive along axes X and Y
Method of drive transmissionPlanetary gear
Passage speed [mm/min]10 - 25000
Depth of cutting with a plasma torch [mm]depending on the source
Depth of cutting with a gas torch [mm]up to 100
Control4-axis CNC controller
THC control tak
Hardened linear guide barstak
Water level adjustmenttak
File format ESSI, G-code


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Cutting tables of the SPARTUS Pro CUT 2000HD/3000HD type are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. They provide the possibility of cutting steel sheets and plates with plasma and gas torches. Automated cutting process, high level of precision and implementation of modern technologies (THC, automatic sheet detection, torch protection against collisions, adjustable water level) in the device – all these aspects ensure the highest quality of tables offered by our company.
Structural solutions implemented in the product resulted in high level of strength and reliability of our tables.
CNC tables of the SPARTUS Pro CUT 2000/3000 HD meet the relevant safety requirements and they have been granted the CE mark.

Standard equipment:

Industrial CNC controller with a 17" display

Software interface available in Polish

Additional equipment:

CAD/CAM software

Point marking module

Gas torch carriage

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