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Water cooler WRC310

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Technical parameters

Input 230 V ± 10 % 50 / 60 Hz
Power 120 W
Pump efficency 5,3 L/min
Tank capacity 10 L
Work temperature -20°C  –  60°C
Coolant pressure 3 BAR
Duty cycle 100%
Insulation class F
Protection class IP 21
Dimensions 330 × 570 × 333 mm
Weight (empty tank) 20kg

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SPARTUS water coolers are designed for cooling welding torches. They are characterized by high performance and great duty cycle (100%). It's easy to fill and empty the tank by using drain plug.

SPARTUS water cooler WRC310A is characterized by great performance and large tank with capacity of 10 liters. Water cooler is compatible with most branded welding torches by using standard quick-couplers type 21, at input and output of device.

SPARTUS water cooler. That high quality, maintenance-free unit, guarantees tightness. This is dependable and irreplaceable source of cooling systems.

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